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Bookkeeping, Account Reconciliation, Financial Statement Preparation

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Fully built websites, Email/SMS automations, social media content, etc.

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Graphic Design

Custom graphics for your business. Printing service available.

For those who believe in making a mark

Helping businesses thrive with data-based strategies.

  • Elevate

    Elevate your brand and find more customers. Create more opportunities to connect and engage with your audience, build client relationships and increase your online presence, helping more customers find you. Stay consistent to your brand, and build trust that brings loyal clients, and their friends!

  • Grow

    Grow your customer base and make sure your company message is heard loud and clear. With so many online platforms you can expand your reach and build more community. Amplify your message, grow with your loyal fans. Keep up with everyone by implementing systems that allow you to harness the power of technology to build trust.

  • Thrive

    Build a brand that becomes a legacy. Impact your community and inspire others. Once you have the systems in place to ensure top quality service, you can rest knowing that every client experience has been thought of. Training new employees and expanding to new markets is easy when you have a foundation built on trust.

Financial Reporting and Compliance Services

Accounting and Payroll Processing

Other than bringing in revenue, financial reporting is one of the most important aspects of your business. We help you keep accurate, up-to-date financial records with our premiere accounting services. We are able to offer monthly account reconciliations, financial statement preparation, and help with the constant reporting requirements that come your way.

Our payroll processing services help you manage your employee onboarding, tax requirements, payroll reporting, workers’ compensation audits, and child support or other garnishments. **We do require all payroll to utilize direct deposit, as mailing checks can be very unreliable and errors/changes take much longer to fix. 

When tax season comes you will have prepared and accurate statements for your required reporting. 

We get your finances straightened out, and keep it that way with monthly reconciliations and activity monitoring. You should be running your business, not worrying about financial reports. 

With freshly prepared, accurate financial statements you are in touch with your financial positions in real time. Other accounting services we help you with are Accounts Payable, to ensure your vendors and other contracts are paid on time. Track your income and deposits, so you know who has paid, and who has not to keep your Accounts Receivables up-to-date. 

Make sure you are receiving full tax benefits with fixed asset management. Our team tracks your business assets such as equipment, vehicles, furniture, and other physical property to track depreciation and properly record major purchases.

Why Choose Us


From fresh financial statements to building campaigns that bring in more clients, our services bring your business measurable results with accurate financial reporting to predictable client opportunities.


This is not a pop-up agency, offering a decade of combined industry experience with a heavy focus on continuing education to stay completely up-to-date in both marketing and financial industries.


We won't sell you services you do not need, and our agency keeps you informed with routine updates. We treat your business goals as if they are our own, because... they are. We can't survive without you!


Our firm is able to serve your business needs from forming your company and filing forms with your state, all the way through your marketing outreach, and required financial reporting.

Our Team

Emily Braveheart

President and Jane-of-all-trades at Jabla Consulting Inc.

Except for ads, Emily is not an ads specialist.


Contracted Partners

We work with a network of nearly 30 contracted partner agencies who each specialize in their service to create a trusted platform for you to receive the absolute best services under one roof. For example, ads. Emily contracts with a proven agency in your industry to run your ad campaigns.

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