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A note from emily braveheart

Building digital systems for businesses that want to have an impact

Hello, I am Emily Braveheart, President of Jabla Consulting Inc. I founded this digital marketing agency you should hear about. We are a full service digital marketing agency that offers services ranging from business formation, setting up your website, social media strategy, to SEO (search engine optimization) - we have a solution for nearly anything you need.

The easy way to say this is: I help businesses find more customers, online. But, what I REALLY do is: build client relationships.. and business management systems.. I have a unique way of building digital systems that nurture client relationships and build predictable cash flow in your business. I also partner with top quality business mentors and marketing agencies. My partners each have their own specialty, to ensure the absolute best quality of service depending on your business needs. For example, I am not an ad specialist. Rather than waste your money on ads that do not perform, I partner with an agency who specializes in ad campaigns.
After high school, I went straight to work while attending college for accounting and finance. Then I became a mother, and after leaving the W2 based workforce for nearly a decade, I found myself back at the beginning. Even with a degree and contract experience, I was having trouble finding jobs that paid me well enough to justify leaving home.

Oh, and I hated office life. Policies that are cumbersome, outdated operating procedures, office politics and red tape to solve problems that could benefit the company bottom line, leaving problems unsolved and innovation lacking.

Two or three bosses later and one more company with oodles of internal problems that were never going to be solved - I figured, if I have to start over - then I am going to put my money where my mouth is and start my own company. I couldn't stand this constant cycle of poorly managed businesses that won't help themselves. I have to find the businesses that want to solve their problems and have a positive impact on the world!

So, I began the journey of building a full service digital marketing agency. My experience comes from working in a spectrum of companies from multi-million dollar companies that failed, or are stagnant due to internal problems that hinder growth, to mom 'n pop shops that can thrive for generations, or die when inherited. The key thing I learned, is that there is a system to solving business problems, and I have the keys to unlock the solutions that allow businesses to get out of their own way.
I became obsessed with building systematic solutions for businesses who are ready to move beyond the post-it notes, lost emails, buried customer service and low client retention. Often, we start out from a laptop, or a small store front. What works to get us started, does not usually sustain a successful brand.

Change to grow is essential, and that process can seem overwhelming. It is really difficult to run a business and make changes to operations and systems that everyone is already trained in. For a lot of companies, it is easier to ignore and just keep surviving.

That is why I founded Jabla Consulting Inc. to help by designing systems that make sense for your business and builds relationship with your clients. Each strategy is tailored to your specific business needs to foster growth.

Marketing that has an impact

Helping businesses succeed to the next generation

  • Elevate

    Elevate your brand and find more customers. Create more opportunities to connect and engage with your audience, build client relationships and increase your online presence, helping more customers find you. Stay consistent to your brand, and build trust that brings loyal clients, and their friends!

  • Grow

    Grow your customer base and make sure your company message is heard loud and clear. With so many online platforms you can expand your reach and build more community. Amplify your message, grow with your loyal fans. Keep up with everyone by implementing systems that allow you to harness the power of technology to build trust.

  • Thrive

    Build a brand that becomes a legacy. Impact your community and inspire others. Once you have the systems in place to ensure top quality service, you can rest knowing that every client experience has been thought of. Training new employees and expanding to new markets is easy when you have a foundation built on trust.

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