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Not sure if Search Engine Optimization (SEO) matters?
Did you know that 92% of online customers make their decision on the first page of search results? That means 9 out of 10 people never leave the first page!
Search Engine Optimization includes many factors for a website to gain authority and trust on the web. From keyword research and website audits to content writing and press releases, Jabla Consulting Inc. offers premiere SEO services that help you climb the ranks, so people can find your business.
Lets grow, together.

Marketing that has an impact

Helping businesses succeed

  • Elevate

    Elevate your brand and find more customers. Create more opportunities to connect and engage with your audience, build client relationships and increase your online presence, helping more customers find you. Stay consistent to your brand, and build trust that brings loyal clients, and their friends!

  • Grow

    Grow your customer base and make sure your company message is heard loud and clear. With so many online platforms you can expand your reach and build more community. Amplify your message, grow with your loyal fans. Keep up with everyone by implementing systems that allow you to harness the power of technology to build trust.

  • Thrive

    Build a brand that becomes a legacy. Impact your community and inspire others. Once you have the systems in place to ensure top quality service, you can rest knowing that every client experience has been thought of. Training new employees and expanding to new markets is easy when you have a foundation built on trust.

Digital Marketing Services that bring real results.

Tired of wasting your marketing budget?

We are here to help!

Need to update your systems to add automation such as appointment reminders, confirmation emails,  and SMS marketing messages?

Jabla Consulting Inc. helps you build trustworthy relationships with your clients and community.

Do your marketing efforts sit sidelined, while your business barely survives or grows stagnant so you don’t have to deal with the headache?

Maybe, you are on a different wave, and you have spent a lot of money on marketing and you just aren’t getting the results you are looking for in revenue.

You have probably even tried to do it yourself after paying thousands of dollars to some contractor who ruined more things than they fixed, or left you wondering why your bottom line hasn’t grown! Either way, if you are thinking about marketing, chances are you need a breath of fresh air. You have a business to run, and so do we. Time is the one thing you cannot buy more of, on this planet. We don’t have any time to waste on poor strategies and fluffy marketing that falls flat on returns.

Digital Marketing is essential to your business.

There is no escaping the need for an online presence, anymore.

Many businesses could still be alive, today – if they already had a digital strategy when Covid hit our world.

From simple things like automating appointment reminders and confirmation emails, or more difficult systems like online ordering and remote video events – your business needs digital marketing systems to help you manage your time and client base with ease and consistency. 



Keyword Research

Everything we do is data-based. Define your message and reach more customers! Every project begins with keyword research, website audit, and competitor analysis to make sure your on-page content and media are targeting the correct keywords for your audience to find you. We help you understand what keywords people are searching for, so you know what to say.

Content Planner

After careful keyword research, we create a plan for the content you need to climb the ranks. Content includes everything you can see on a webpage. Ranging from headings and descriptions, blog posts, related articles, and the FAQ section. We help you unravel the mystery of content creation by building a custom plan that will guide your brand to the top of search engine results.

Content Writing

Content creation is the driving force of action that will grow your business online. We help your business climb in the search results by creating each piece of content methodically, according to the data from our keyword research and website audit. From on-page updates to blog posts and supporting articles, we have a way with words that will create a high-quality experience starting with your website. 

Email and SMS Message Copy

Automated email and SMS text messages can help create a genuine relationship with your clients. We help you create email and text messages that are both personalized and automated. Some of the emails and texts we help with are special promotions, birthday wishes, reward or loyalty programs, appointment confirmations, and feedback requests... to name a few. 

Social Media Content

Create consistency and generate conversation with targeted social media content. Facebook posts, Google Business Page, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Twitter...
No matter the platform, Jabla can help you keep up with the demands of creating content for social media platforms. 

Graphic Design

Images and graphics are crucial to delivering a high quality experience. We help you with graphic design for needs such as Facebook Covers, Instagram posts, business logo, presentations, e-book design, sales funnel graphics, website images, website layout and design, image editing, blog post images, and much more.

Reporting and Analysis

 Our strategy is simple, follow the data. We run a website analysis and brand audit each month to ensure that your chosen strategy is completely optimized. With monthly reporting, we can adapt necessary changes to SEO or find problems immediately. Adapting quickly helps reduce the time to produce excellent results and saves money, to keep your business on the growth track. 

Link Building

There are two key components that drive growth above all else: content and links. Link building is simply networking with other websites, to host your link. This may be in a blog post that directly mentions you, or this might be an allowed comment on one of their blog posts. This is called back-linking. The strategy of backlinking is one of the most talked about topics in SEO. Acquiring these links from trusted sites and relevant sources helps you create more authority for your pages. 
We help you generate new backlinks by adding your website to our trusted business directory listings, and we continue building new links each month to keep your momentum climbing up. 

Social Media Management

Claim your digital real estate and get the neighborhood to notice. Social Media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, etc. are free digital storefronts. That is free real estate, baby! Not only that, people spend their time on... social media! By creating detailed profiles on multiple networks you immediately reach more people. Posting frequently (on every platform) and engaging with your followers is crucial to keeping your loyal subscribers. The tough part is posting frequently, everywhere - and still having time to actually fulfill all those sales! Let us help you manage the tangle of social media.

Blog Copywriting

Keeping up with the... who?? Your blog is a place to create content that will keep you in touch with loyal fans and support the products or services you are trying to sell the most. Consistent blog posting helps to grow your audience, create shareable content and generate talking points with your audience, which allows you to personally interact with your customer base. Your blog is also an important strategy for creating the leverage you need to work with other brands. Let us help you create the content you need for your blog to elevate your brand and keep subscribers up to date on your brand. 

Website Content

The "copy" or content on your website is one of the crucial factors for where you rank in search engine results. Initially, website content helps establish domain authority, which tells search engines your website is relevant. Once you have established authority, content is the driving force that allows you to compete in the top search engine results. Website content is also your calling card to backlinks. In competitive industries, a website homepage will often need at least 3,000 words of relevant and focused content to become a competitor for the first page of search results. Each product or service needs its own page filled with content. Then, each of those pages needs at least one supporting article or blog post. The content structure, length, and keywords utilized are data-based decisions, chosen by keyword research and competitor analysis. 

Website Design

Most often, a business website might be the introductory experience a potential client has to your brand, message, and way of doing business. Well-designed websites guide your client through a large amount of information easily, while also building trust to move them through the buying experience. Every website needs to incorporate easy-to-find information, easy-to-find contact opportunities, easy-to-read text, suggested upgrades, related products, subscribe buttons, social media icons, well-placed images and content, branding, logos,  contact information, and the rest of the whole darn list.

Oh, and make it rank in the top ten search engine results. 

We can do that!

Email Campaign Automations

Email is still a preferred form of communication for many. Harness the power of automation to make your emails powerful, personalized, and... automated! From happy birthday messages, review or feedback requests, and promotional announcements, to appointment confirmations or reminders, many emails can be automated. Now, instead of forgetting to call that client and follow up, you can automatically send personalized emails to keep the relationship growing.

SMS Text Campaign Automation

Email and text message campaigns go together like peanut butter and jelly. Many clients are on their mobile devices frequently throughout the day. Certain communications such as appointment reminders and feedback requests make sense to ask through SMS Text messages. Increase customer retention, and make communications simple by creating mobile communications such as automated text messages.

HighLevel Automation and Implementation

Jabla Consulting Inc. is built on the HighLevel software platform, like many leading digital marketing agencies today. HighLevel allows Jabla to create digital systems that bring effective solutions to the real world. HighLevel is a tool that allows your business to manage every single aspect of the marketing beast, all in one integrated platform. The HighLevel software platform is an outstanding solution to ALL of your marketing machine needs.

ClickUp Workflow and Automation

What HighLevel does for marketing, ClickUp does for fulfillment. If you don't have a digital system to manage client fulfillment that gets you home for dinner every night, you need Clickup. You are likely frustrated, overworked, tired of resetting passwords, and buried in tiny tasks that are crucial but so time-consuming you missed dinner with the family - AGAIN. Take your life back! Let us help design workflows and develop systems that work for you, using ClickUp.

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