Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website content and

social media networks to rank in the top search results for keywords in your industry.

For example: “tow service near me” “deli near me” “roofer Portland, OR” or “handmade candles”

Our SEO Philosophy

If you have the answers to a test, and the teacher allows notes – would you use the notes and ace the test, or would you show up to class with no notes relying on your memory?

We show up with the answers because we understand how to read the data. 

My favorite teacher taught me that SEO is like an open-book test. Google gives you all the answers that you need in order to rise in the search results. As a result, here at Jabla Consulting Inc. we rely on data. First, we research, then we build a strategy designed to help your brand dominate the competition. Rinse and repeat, until desired results are achieved.

Our philosophy is that there is no need for guesswork when you have the power of Google data to back your decisions. Data-based decisions drive results. Our job is to bring your brand higher in the search results, and our strategies will elevate your brand and grow your client base. 


How does Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work?

Content Creation

A user creates a piece of content and then publishes to a website utilizing strategies that will maximize views. Another goal is engagement: clicks, comments, and shares. Often this content is pushed to multiple platforms including social media channels so that your audience can connect with you and hopefully share the message!


Once new content is published, Google (and other search engine providers: Bing, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Safari) sends bots to scan and read your site. During this validation process, these bots collect data about the content, visitors, and traffic to your website and other places your site is linked to – like your business’s social media profiles.


Bots store the data they collected during the validation process of crawling. The data is “indexed” with tags of relevant search terms so it can be found by search engine users. This indexing process determines the relevance of your content to the targeted keywords.


Algorithms determine the “ranking” or placement of content on search engines results pages. These results are based on the user’s search query such as “restaurant near me” or “best dentist in ___ (city)”

What to Expect with SEO Services

Competitor Analysis

Online competitors may not be just around the corner. We evaluate your real competition, the brands who show up for the same thing you offer… only they show up in the top 10, which means they win the clicks.

If you don’t get found through online searches, you are missing out on clients. We help you dominate the competition in search results. 

Keyword Research

We start nearly every project with research. One phase of that is keyword research. This is where we look at your industry and find what keywords people are searching for that win the clicks when people are searching for products or services. 

Say what you need to say, structured in the right way to reach your target audience.

Website Audit

We look at your existing website. On-page, the part you see: text, images, and links. Off-page, the back end that you don’t see but your internet browser and Google does! 
We find the trouble spots so your brand can stay in the competition, and we elevate your message.

Make your message count with a website that attracts clients. 

SEO Strategy

We design a search engine optimization strategy that will elevate your brand on the search results page. There are many services underneath this process: content planning and creation, social media content creation and posting, ads, link building and citations… and more. We look forward to learning more about your business, and your goals to reach more clients with your message.

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