SEO Content Audit

An audit is taking inventory of your existing content and analyzing the online competition to see where you need improvement, and what is working for you.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is the process of creating content for your website and social media platforms that will bring your brand up in the top search results. If someone searches for a nail salon, tow truck, restaurant, or handmade products – who shows up as the top ten businesses? SEO is all about getting you to the top.

Sometimes we are saying all the right things, the wrong way. We look at your industry, competitors, and customers to determine what the right things to say, really are. Using the right keywords can make the difference in a client finding you, or landing on a competitor’s website. 

Keyword Research

Competitor Analysis

Most often we think of our competitors as the local businesses in our area providing the same service. The reality is, that our competition is whoever shows up in the top search results. We take a look at the top online performers and what sets the bar for others in the same space.

Finally, we look at your content. The text and graphics on your website will determine who finds you, stays on your website, and becomes a client. This is at least half of what will allow you to rank high in search results. We find your strong points and look for places to improve, so you can dominate the competition and find more clients. 

Content Audit


We analyze all that data and diagnose which problems are holding your brand back from being found in search results. Our advice is data-based on priority, budget, and best results for your investment.

Now that these problems are known, it is time to create a strategy to fix things. We develop an SEO optimization blueprint that meets your goals and budget, to maximize results and get your brand climbing the ranks of search results.

Plan of Action

SEO Kickoff Package

Our SEO Kickoff package includes a website content audit, keyword research, content planner, and SEO Strategy Blueprint for $1500, all included.

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