Payroll Processing

We make the process of paying your employees easy. We handle child support, and garnishments, file tax forms, and pay your payroll taxes on your behalf. Now, you don’t have to worry about the headache. Worker’s Compensation or special reporting for Prevailing wage? We help with that too.

Processing Employee Pay

When you have employees, you have payroll. Processing employee payroll is a tedious and time-consuming task that allows no room for errors. Usually, this process grows to be too time-consuming and complicated for most companies, and payroll processing becomes outsourced. We help you handle employee paperwork, prepare paychecks and direct deposits, and deliver paystubs by priority mail or email – depending on your preferences. We take the headache out of managing payroll. 

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Payroll Taxes

We take care of all the paperwork. Filing tax forms, reporting to worker’s compensation, and paying your federal and state payroll taxes. Federal Income Tax, State Income Tax, Social Security, Medicare, Unemployment and Oregon Tri-Met… the list goes on, and we know how to take care of these tax requirements and reporting.

Workers Compensation Audits

Workers’ compensation insurance pays for workers’ medical treatment and lost wages on accepted claims when workers suffer work-related injuries and illnesses. By law, Oregon employers that have one or more employees, full or part-time, must carry workers’ compensation insurance or be self-insured.

We know those pesky reports never end! Our payroll service includes handling these audits and reporting requirements so you always stay compliant.

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